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Hello, This is a group for all the europeans and noneuropeans that enjoy reading all about Celebrities, Fashion, etc. As well for talking about their experiences!!!

European & American gossip

Posted By Carla-spain on Oct 29, 2007 at 5:10AM

Speaking of covering children´s faces in Spain, I have to say that this is being happening since celebs got fed up of seeing their kids´ faces everywhere without their consent, I mean each parent can take anyone to the tribunals for showing their children´s faces..... I like american gossip more than european gossip I must say. Over here is a bit tacky sometimes, we consider proper celebs people that are famouse for doing nothing, I know it also happens in USA but at least they are a show themselves (Kimberly Stweart, Paris) and sometimes they are or look really cool.

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Posted By Carla-spain on Oct 29, 2007 at 4:40AM

You are right, Europe has a lot of history and beautiful places, On the other had aren't you a little thought with your own place?? We have one of the most interesting architectures in Europe. We have beautiful places and little castles or pazos anywhere we look at, in better or worst condition. What about Italy, for example, there are beautiful cities with amazing buildings but what about the rest of the country, what do you see?? I believe that we don't love our country as much as we should. I wish that we did it, I wish we were a little bit more like the Americans are, proud and in love with their country. Changing subject. Who do you think that are more famous, the European gossip or the American?? Do you think that with the death of Lady Di the gossip in Europe has change. What about the pictures that we can see in the pages of Popsugar and the magazines in USA? Have you notice that in Europe, at least in Spain, the children's faces are not shown at all??

Old buildings

Posted By Carla-spain on Oct 27, 2007 at 11:01AM

We are here to talk about Europe, am I wrong?? So, one thing I love about Europe is their amazing old buildings. In the old times the architecture was unbelievable. Any house was solid and full of tiny details. Today unless the building is a master piece made by some important architect, our houses are simple ugly, plain boxes. I know this happens only in some European countries but happens in the one I live.

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